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Dust to Dust

The dust had barely settled on my last project at home when I started to get that itchy feeling that I'd like to do another project. The trouble is, my home is completely finished, house, garden, the lot, so what on earth could I do for my next personal project? There was only one thing for it, we'd have to move. So within three weeks we'd accepted an offer on the house (the garden building by the way appeared to prove to be a key selling point and did raised the value). Two weeks later we'd had our own offer on a slightly run down bungalow accepted. Not being one to let the grass grow under my feet can have an impact on family life and my wife Aimee wasn't initially convinced it was a good idea. However, I had learnt some valuable lessons from the last project and Aimee agreed on the basis that I would take at least one day off a fortnight, which if I'm being honest I think that I'll need. Working all day running CRB and then working evening and weekends on a building site you call home is quite draining, but I wouldn't do it if I didn't love it. Aimee consulted with friends and colleagues and everyone told her it was a good idea but told her to be prepared for the dust; “we're still finding pockets of it years later” said one colleague. It will be a challenge and whilst the children and Aimee will stay with the in laws during the very first and worst part of the build, they will essentially be living on a building site for a least a few months whilst I replace bathrooms, kitchens, plumbing etc. I believe it's going to serve as a reminder as to what my clients go through all the time; we become so immune to it as builders but the noise, the mess andespecially the dust really do get people down. I'm going to take some of the tricks we've learnt over the years and try them at home, in particular good dust screening, taping up doors and programming the works so that as one area becomes complete it becomes your sanitised sanctuary away from the chaos. But alas, this is all talk until my young family and I have lived through it so I will report back from time to time with how it's going and what its taught me that I can take into work to hopefully make my clients lives easier too.

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February 7th 22:29

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February 6th 04:36

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February 5th 08:38

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Antiviral Abalone

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January 22nd 18:29

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January 22nd 10:52

Отредоктировала.. так как сама нашла все)

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January 22nd 07:53

Отредоктировала.. так как сама нашла все)

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