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CRB Building & Roofing was founded in 1979 by Malcolm Clear.

CRB Building & Roofing was founded in 1979 by Malcolm Clear. When Malcolm found he could not afford to pay a roofer to replace his own failing roof in Hurst Road, Eastbourne, he researched roofing and found that council grants were available for re-roofing projects. As a result, he decided to complete the roof himself. Armed with nothing more than a library book and a willing friend to lend a hand, Malcolm successfully completed his own roof. A neighbour who had watched the project unfold subsequently asked Malcolm if he would renew her roof too. The budding roofing specialist agreed, and tackled his first paid job with enthusiasm. CRB was born, and grew organically through word-of-mouth recommendations. During the Eighties and Nineties, Malcolm built up a team of employees, and CRB became all-encompassing roofing and building company in Eastbourne.

The company benefited from a fast period of growth following the 1987 hurricane that caused widespread roofing and structural damage across Eastbourne. Keystone projects for the business have included the Grand Hotel fire repairs, in the late-Nineties, and the East Sussex National Golf Resort Spa construction in 2006. For the year in which the latter project was undertaken, CRB’s annual turnover exceeded £1-million for the first time. Another significant development in 2006 was the appointment of a new Contracts Manager, Malcolm’s son, Ben Clear. Ben has since introduced many new technologies and processes into the business. In 2008, he took a 50 per cent share of the business and a directorship. In 2010 Scott Perry, an existing CRB tradesmen, was promoted to Contracts Managers, and Ben Clear assumed the role of Managing Director. Meanwhile, Malcolm moved into a consultancy position; he continues to pass on the expertise he gained from 30 years’ experience in building and roofing.


CRB is a family-owned and managed company with a staff of 16 full-time employees, supported by a network of specialist sub-contractors.


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