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When CRB's MD Ben Clear's family continued to grow, here's how he turned to his under loved garden to provide him the space he needed to work; "It started with the birth of my second daughter Ruby. Lovely as she is, I did have to give her my study! Whilst I have a normal office in Eastbourne, I've always had a study at home for those times when I really need quiet space to work on something that needs particular attention. I knew that the relaxation of planning laws (called permitted development rights) was allowing many of my clients to extend their homes without planning permission and a bit of research showed I could also use these rules to build a detached building in the garden. A did have to get this past planning of some sorts, as my wife wasn't overly struck on the idea! I made concessions by designing the building to be multi use, with bench seating and a table that could slide across the floor to double up as a dining area. I also allowed for bi fold doors across the whole front, so essentially the whole space acts as brilliant barbeque and garden party space but within moments can be returned to an office.

Those that know me well will know I'm not particularly good at half measures so 'the shed' as wife still call's it (or 'man cave' as my friends will tell you) was endowed with all the finery the world of building has to offer. It started with cedar cladding to the outside, a beautiful material with a natural resistance to rot and decay, it went on to include solid oak for the floor, thermostatically controlled underfloor heating, a self healing German roof, more insulation than a new build house, LED dimmable lighting, an internet connection wired underground from the house and even bespoke fitted cushions for the bench seating. It transpires that whilst I complete hundreds of projects for others, my own building desires had laid tempered just below the surface for some time, and l pursued them with vigour. Twelve weekends of hard work later, through one of the wettest winters on record it was complete. My wife will tell you it's over indulgent and she may be right, but we both agree it's beautiful. It's an incredibly serene environment to work in and we've used it most weekends over the summer for entertaining and sometimes just as an extra dining room, I've even had a poker night in there with the boys away from the risk of waking up the kids with over exuberance shouting.

In short we're all delighted with the building and my wife even wants one in whichever house we move to next so I must have won her over somewhere along the line. I would highly recommend one to anybody, they are incredibly reasonable to build (far less than a conservatory or extension) and you don't need any planning or building regulations so if you want one, you can just start building straight away and the design can really reflect you and your tastes."

If you fancy a garden room (or man cave) of your own, contact us for more information.


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