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Roofers in Seaford

Roofers in Seaford need to be qualified and competent. You would hope that roofers everywhere are qualified and competent but above many other towns this is particularly important in Seaford. Why? Well Seaford is exposed to some of the strongest and most prolonged windy conditions anywhere along this part of the South Coast. Seaford's residents will be all too familiar with the windy conditions but roofers should take heed too. Knowing a town well gives roofers an advantage when they specify how a roof should be constructed. Not many people know this but it is completely normal that not every tile is nailed to a roof, in fact in normal locations only every fifth tile course is nailed, with the weight of the other roofing tiles holding each other in place. However, in parts of Seaford roofers should be nailing every single course due to the high wind exposure.

Ben Clear, CRB's Managing Director says; "I have lived and worked in Seaford for many years and it constantly surprises me when I visit people's properties just what inferior workmanship takes places on roofs. Roofs are one of the hardest part of someone's' property for them to inspect once the work is complete and this encourages all kinds of bad practice in the roofing industry. It's really vital that people in Seaford and everywhere use a competent roofer. Please check out their credentials and make sure they have local people who will recommend them as well as having a membership to a trade body who can support you if things don’t go to plan."

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