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CRB Building complete brickwork in Eastbourne, Seaford, Lewes and the rest of East Sussex. Our brickworkers in Eastbourne complete all types of works from replacing a garden wall right up to building whole new houses. Our brickworkers and management team work really hard to find the right bricks for every job. Well-made and installed bricks last hundreds of years, given the right conditions, so selecting the right brick for a job is essential. For repairs and extensions, the our brickworkers hand select the ideal bricks from the thousands of ranges available to us. We source and install bricks of many different types, from local bricks hand-made in East Sussex, to painstakingly reclaimed bricks recovered from other buildings, to standard machine-made bricks. To the untrained eye, laying bricks may seem a simple, uniform trade. However, much of the bricklayers skill lies in the unseen work they complete. Good brickwork requires skilful setting-out. We use the term "setting-out" to refer to the preparation works that go in to making sure the wall is built in the correct position with the correct layout of bricks. At the very beginning, the bricklayers map out the brick positions, from which he or she is able to construct a true, accurate and plumb wall for the rest of the height. During this planning stage, the builder will also plan for critical elements such as damp-proof courses (DPCs) and expansion joints, which will prevent the wall from cracking.

Where the finished surface will not be seen, blockwork has gradually replaced brickwork. Blocks are used for the internal skin of a cavity wall, for instance, and also in places where the finished wall is to be rendered or clad with timber or tiles. Being larger than bricks, blocks are quicker to lay, and larger areas of work can be completed for less cost. Blocks are also much cheaper to buy than bricks, so they represent a double cost-saving over bricks. There are many different types of block, each serving a slightly different purpose, such as increasing the insulating value of a wall or offering high strength for a load-bearing wall.


Repointing in Eastbourne and repointing in Seaford is a far more common job than repointing in Lewes and other inland areas. The coastal positions of both Eastbourne and Seaford mean repointing and brickwork will erode much faster than in the more sheltered towns in East Sussex. There are many different types of pointing. CRB Building & Roofing completes repointing to all types of buildings and, having completed a great deal of heritage work, is accustomed to working with lime mortars, essential for work on listed and historic buildings. Many interesting names are given to the different pointing methods. The traditional half-round pointing used between the bricks of most houses is often called a "bucket handle" finish. This is because the old technique for this type of pointing involved using the handle from the bricklayer’s bucket!

Crack Repairs

Having skills and expertise in many different areas is often the key to saving our clients money. CRB has applied our wide expertise in innovative ways where other builders have been able only to offer traditional, often more expensive solutions. Often, this is because we have the ability to supply and install the Helifix structural repair system We have used this intelligent repair system in Eastbourne, Seaford, Lewes and East Sussex. This system is used to stitch and repair to an approved strength existing cracks, avoiding the cost of rebuilding following a structure’s movement or subsidence. CRB is able to recommend and utilise this system where appropriate.

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CRB is a family-owned and managed company with a staff of 16 full-time employees, supported by a network of specialist sub-contractors.


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