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Damp Proofing in Eastbourne, Seaford & Lewes – CRB Building & Roofing

CRB Building & Roofing complete all kinds of damp proofing in Eastbourne, Seaford and Lewes. Listed and period buildings offer their own challenges having been designed in a time before damp proofing was ever a consideration. Older buildings rarely meet our modern ideals of completely damp free living, but the right combination of techniques can really make a lovely period home meet the warm and dry ideals we expect from more modern housing. Properties in the coastal towns of Eastbourne and Seaford are at risk of increased salt contamination. Salts form in plaster a long time after a leak may have been repaired, and they need special treatment to eradicate them completely and prevent the slats attracting damp from the moisture in the air.

Damp proofing needn't be expensive, much of the time we control damp through minor adjustments to how the building is used and ventilated which can be really inexpensive. CRB employs damp proofers in Eastbourne, Seaford, Lewes and East Sussex who are experienced in installing and designing dampproofing systems. CRB encourages prevention rather than cure wherever possible, so we invest time and effort in finding the root cause of every damp problem. Often, this results in our preventing damp ingress at source, in which cases damp-proofing is not required. Where damp proofing is required, CRB can install tanking and membrane systems in combination with chemical injection damp-proof courses.

We complete free damp control surveys and carry specialist equipment to detect damp in plaster, timber and masonry meaning we are able to offer detailed advice based on real evidence collected at your home, free of charge.


CRB is a family-owned and managed company with a staff of 16 full-time employees, supported by a network of specialist sub-contractors.


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Thank you once again for an excellent service, from initial consultaion to the work's completion. We are extremely pleased with the work carried out.

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