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Flat roofs often fill people with fear about leaks, but there is no need to worry, provided the roof is properly constructed. A flat roof well-installed by a competent tradesman offers a fantastic, long and hassle-free lifespan. Modern advances in felt technology mean CRB now offers 12-, 15- and even 20-year guarantees on flat roofs. CRB's flat roofers in Eastbourne, Seaford, Lewes and the surrounding areas complete a wide range of different types of flat roofing materials. CRB installs "torch on" systems; these are now the most commonplace type of new flat roof. The name "torch on" refers to the method of application, using an open-flame torch to heat the felt. The felt, which is prefinished at manufacture stage, incorporates an adhesion layer that activates under the heat of the open-flame torch. This type of open-flame installation is sometimes unsuitable for older buildings, such as those with timber frames; in these instances, CRB employs the traditional "roll and pour" technique. In this method, the adhesion layer is provided by a liquid-blown bitumen layer that is heated on site in a gas boiler and then poured on to the roof and rolled out, prior to laying the felt.

Single-Ply Membranes

A single ply flat roof in Eastbourne to a typical extension, this included upgrading insulation and supplying walkway tiles so the window cleaners didn't damage the roof with ladders 41 – A dormer flat roof in Eastbourne that was on the fourth floor, long lasting single ply was perfect for the job as the roof was expensive to reach by scaffold and single ply will last around ten years more than its felt equivalent

The single-ply membrane is the most advanced form of flat roofing at the present time. Traditional felt systems are 'built up' from several layers of felt; previously, it was thought this offers the best protection against leaks. However, advances in membrane technology mean that, now, similar levels of protection can be achieved with a single layer. The advantages of this for the end-user include quicker installation (so the roof is unprotected for less time – especially important during winter), a more attractive roof (metal edge trims combine with attractive grey membranes), and the removal of heat from the installation (no heat whatsoever is required in this process). CRB is a specialist in the Rhepanol FK system and our Rhepanol roofs have passed inspections by FDT, the importer of Rhepanol to the UK. When CRB first decided to become an approved installer of single-ply membranes, we met with several leading manufacturers to investigate the quality and longevity of their products. We were impressed with the quality of the Rhepanol FK roofing membrane and also with FDT's excellent approach to long-term customer service. Only those companies, such as CRB, that have attended the Rhepanol training school, in Loughborough, and had their subsequent work inspected and tested, are permitted to purchase the materials. Unqualified roofers are unable to buy Rhepanol and, as such, CRB is part of a select network of flat roofers in Eastbourne, Seaford, Lewes and the surrounding areas. We also opted for this brand of membrane because of its long lifespan. Rhepanol is the oldest single-ply membrane in the world; it was first used in Germany, more than 70 years ago. The guarantee periods range from 15 to 20 years, subject to the roof conditions established prior to pricing.

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