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Pitch and Vertical Roofing

Pitch and vertical roofing covers all types of roofing for which tiles and slates are used, in sloping and vertical formats. CRB's roofers in Eastbourne, Seaford and Lewes install all types of roofing and offer a 10-year guarantee on all new pitch and vertical roofs. We utilise a wide range of roofing materials and offer advice and support for selecting the correct kind of tile or slate. CRB is able to bring samples to your property to help decide which is best for you, and we also offer advice regarding planning and building regulations. We regularly source and install reclaimed and handmade materials for use on listed properties and in conservation areas. In addition to selecting the best tiles for a job, CRB invests time in selecting the best rot-resistant timber battens, non-corroding nails and membranes, to ensure our roofs stand the test of time. We have a blanket policy on the use of membranes, installing only BBA-approved breathable membranes. These 'smart' membranes allow the roof space to ventilate and 'breathe' and thus increase the lifespan of the roof's timber components. They also resist the sun's rays where the membrane is exposed at gutter level. This combats the little-known but common problem of felt retreat, where old bitumous felts deteriorate under UV rays and retreat under the gutter line, allowing leaks to develop. CRB's roofers in Eastbourne, Seaford, Lewes and the surrounding areas also install all types of roof insulation and can offer discounted rates through various government schemes.

Gutters, Fascias and Soffits

CRB installs all types of uPVC, aluminium and cast iron rainwater systems. We always make a point of inspecting gutters, fascias and soffits while carrying out any other roofing project. Having done so, we advise our clients on these items' remaining lifespans, allowing future maintenance planning. CRB's roofers in Eastbourne, Seaford, Lewes and the surrounding area always cleans out all gutters reachable when carrying out roofing jobs; we understand that an opportunity to do this maintenance chore should never be ignored!

Lead Work

CRB has in-house lead workers who are trained in forming all types of lead gullies, valleys, flashings and trays. All CRB's leadwork is designed to meet the Lead Development Association's guidelines. This organisation provides manuals and technical information to the lead working industry, to ensure good practice and design.


Cherrypickers are a very useful resource for roofers in Eastbourne, Seaford, Lewes and the surrounding areas. However relatively few roofing companies invest in the necessary training that would allow their staff to use these clever machines. CRB is uncommon in this regard. We have IPAF qualified roofers, so we are able to reach those parts other roofers can't. We work with cherrypicker suppliers to select the right size of machine for each individual project. This often saves time and saves our clients the expense of scaffolding, allowing us to carry out repairs at a lower cost than contractors who do not have qualified cherrypicker operators.

Roofers in Eastbourne

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CRB is a family-owned and managed company with a staff of 16 full-time employees, supported by a network of specialist sub-contractors.


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