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  • 20 year waterproof guarantee
  • Guarantee extendable for life
  • A solution to hundreds of different types of roofing problem
  • Roof Repairs and Roof Replacement
  • Flat Roofs, Pitched Roofs, Curved Roofs, Feature Roofs
  • Lead Gutter, Valley and Gully Repairs
  • Metal Roof and Gutter Repairs
  • Overlays Felt, Asphalt EDPM & Lead all with Guarantee
  • Safe: No hot works or naked flames required
  • Proven for over thirty years across the world in all climates
  • Installed by an approved and respected family roofing company
  • Free surveys and quotations

Flat roofs have in the past struck fear into homeowners and home insurers alike. These days there is no need for such fear as flat roofing technology has moved on in leaps and bounds and flat roofs can be guaranteed for life. In the UK and especially here in Sussex, roofing contractors and customers alike are now embracing flat roof technologies which have been proven over decades of roofing installations in other countries. One particular product that has become very successful in East Sussex is Sealoflex. It can be very confusing for homeowners to decide on the best roofing product for them due to all the new types of roofing materials like EPDM (rubber roofs), Single Ply Roofs, PVC Roofs and Fibreglass Roofs. We are experienced installers of all these types of modern roofs and the traditional types like Felt Roofs and Asphalt Roofs. So why do we particularly recommend Sealoflex? Read on to find out why Sealoflex is one of our favourite roofing systems...

Waterproof Sealoflex flashing, notice the rain being held on the surface

Flat roofs have a hard life! Even in a reasonably moderate climate like the one here in Sussex, roofs are subjected to frost, ice, snow, high winds and strong sunlight. Not to mention moss growth, pecking by birds, soaked in air and rain pollutants and even bird droppings! Sealoflex is resistant to all these attacks as it forms a complete monolithic coating with no joins or seams; that is the real beauty of modern roofing with liquid plastic roofs. They don't suffer the same roof leaks and roof problems as so many of the traditional systems and roof leaks can be so damaging not just to the inside of your property but also to the roof structure, which has often suffered from wet rot before you even know about the roof leak.

Sealoflex is a guaranteed cost effective alternative to lead roofs, felt roofs, EPDM roofs, PVC roofs and single ply roofs. It can form brand new roofs or overlay existing roofs and still be guaranteed, meaning your roof needn't be exposed to wet weather during its replacement. It can be used for a huge range of roofing repairs and re-roofs from a patch repair up to a whole factory roof or warehouse roof. Sealoflex is ideal for small repairs to failed leadwork, for new roofs, garage roofs, extension roofs and any type of roof no matter what the base material. It is also fantastic for green roofs and for waterproofing old failed metal sheet roofs, metal gutters and gullies. It is also a base roofing material which can be safely tiled over to create beautiful balconies and roof terraces. It is a solution to practically any roofing problem for homes and commercial properties.

Flat roofs aren't flat at all! Most types of roofing materials like, single ply roofs and felt roofs all require a 'fall' A fall is the angle at which the roof slopes, most materials require an absolute minimum fall of 1:80 and many require 1:60. Why? Well all normal types of roofing have joints where the materials are joined together. These joints are always weak points in the roof. A fall means that the roof will allow water to flow off, the bigger the slope, the more quickly water comes off the roof and the longer it will last. However, a fantastic advantage of Sealoflex is that it needs no slope at all and the roof can even be perfectly level, in fact Sealoflex is so good at holding out water it's even used to line swimming pools!

Sealoflex is a flexible roofing system installed by Sealoflex Approved Contractors. It is a cold applied liquid plastic that includes a fabric reinforcement layer. But what does that mean for your roofing problem? It means that there is now a proven roof system that is applied without heat or naked flame unlike felt roofs, making the whole installation much safer for all buildings and especially important for a listed building. It means there is a flexible system that will move and flex with the other materials it comes into contact with like lead, felt, tiles, concrete or metal. Traditional roofing materials often split when the materials beneath them expand and contract with temperature changes caused by the hot and cold weather. Sealoflex resists this movement and continues protecting the roof structure even during extreme change.

Sealoflex uses engineered proven technologies which have been installed the world over for over thirty years. The system has been used everywhere from Alaska to Dubai, showing its fantastic ability to cope with any extreme. The system is liquid applied. This means it is painted onto the roof in several layers. This painted element means that any detail can be formed irrelevant of how awkward it might be. Most roofing membranes fail first at these awkward details so this is a real advantage of Sealoflex.

The Sealoflex system consists of a Pink coloured coating which is embedded with a woven fabric. This fabric is then further encapsulated with the Pink coating. Further grey coats are then applied to complete the roof. The Pink liquid is the long term waterproofing material, the fabric allows the finished roof to stretch without tearing and the Grey coat is the UV stable layer which protects the roof from the sun, moss and pollutants. The more grey coat that is added, the longer the roof guarantee. A typical roof installation looks like this;

  1. The roof is cleaned and primed
  2. Any joints in the roof are reinforced with a layers of Pink and fabric, this will protect these typically weaker areas
  3. An embedment coat of Pink is rolled out evenly over the area
  4. The special reinforcement fabric is laid into the wet Pink embedment coat
  5. The fabric is then fully saturated and encapsulated with a further coat of Pink
  6. The final grey coat is then applied in two cross laid coats for a 15 year guarantee or a further grey coat is applied for a 20 year guarantee
  7. After the end of the guarantee period, we can even return and apply a cost effective additional top coat to provide an extra five year guarantee

Our approved contractor status means we have qualified and specially trained operatives for this system, you can see in the adjacent photographs of one of our latest refresher training days. It also means that all our guarantees for Sealoflex roof repairs and roof replacements are backed by Sealoflex, the manufacturer. This manufacturer guarantee means you have a waterproof guarantee, not just a material and labour guarantee, but a guarantee the roof will remain waterproof. One of the really special benefits of this system is the extendable warranty. For only a small cost, at the end of the guarantee period (10, 15 or 20 years) we can return and simply clean the roof and apply one additional top coat and this will extend the roof guarantee for another 5 years. This can be done again and again every 5 years, meaning the roof can be guaranteed to last forever, a feature unrivalled by any roofing membrane.

CRB are a respected family roofing company known for their expert, independent advice. We advise homeowners, architects and surveyors on best roofing practice and are one of the only local roofing companies able to offer truly independent advice as we are qualified in a huge range of different roofing systems, allowing us to offer the best system for your particular roof problem. We provide free surveys and free detailed quotations.

We will travel to wherever you need us to work. Typically though, our most popular areas to work, are Eastbourne, Lewes, Seaford, Hailsham, Uckfield, Heathfield and all the surrounding villages of Sussex.


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